Ish-took Basket Garden

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The Ish-took (meaning “to pick flowers or stems” in the Karuk language) Basket and Textile Demonstration Garden has been planted with hazel, beargrass, alder, spruce, willow, woodwardia ferns, maidenhair ferns and soap root to demonstrate plants used in basketweaving by American Indians of northern California.

The one acre garden serves as a place to gather basket materials, provide an outdoor classroom to learn about basketry, and serves to demonstrate the importance of managing the land to assure an abundance of basket plants. This garden also allows for UIHS to address the impacts of pesticides on weavers, gatherers, and users. Basketry is an essential element to the local American Indian culture. Fine durable plant materials are gathered, prepared, then woven into baskets and made into tools for both utilitarian and ceremonial use. Baskets are living and are to be used respectfully.

UIHS promotes alternative methods of managing the land without the use of pesticides such as burning.