Ko'l ho koom' ma


Who we are

K’ol ho koom’ mo is a youth suicide prevention program (ages 10-24) at

United Indian Health Services which is funded by the Department of Health

and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

(SAMHSA) and serves both Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.  As part of the grant,

K’ol ho koom’ mo will be providing youth and community activities, service provider

trainings, collaborating and building partnerships, and develop referral systems so

we can more effectively increase suicide prevention efforts in our community.  


QPR -Question Persuade Refer Suicide prevention trainings available upon request.  Trainings are approximately 2 hours.  Call to schedule a training.







Youth GONA  Gathering of Native Americans-This event will be July 19-22  and is available to Native youth ages 12-17. We will focus on increasing the strength of our Native youth. There will be games, prizes and cultural activities.










Community GONA will be in Weitchpec, August 9-11 and will be open to all community members in that area. This GONA is a prevention curriculum  that builds strength, connection and hope. There will be games, prizes and cultural activities.