In accordance with federal and state
regulations, UIHS bills "third party
payers" (Private Insurance, Medicare,
and Medi-Cal) for services provided
to our clients.  Clients may be financially
responsible for certain special services
including but not limited to medical,
dental, vision, pharmacy, etc.


Dental Fees

Laboratory fees (cost only) are applied to treatment options beyond basic dental services (dental exams, fillings, etc.) or for elective services (crowns, dentures, orthrodontic treatment, repairs).  Clients who choose elective services will be responsible for dental laboratory fees involved with these services.  For more information, please ask dental staff at any site that provides dental services.


Pharmacy Fees

Clients should contact the pharmacy directly for a prescription price quote.

Clients are expected to pay for their medications at the time they are picked up.  Therefore, there will be no charging of medications "on account".


Vision Fees

Optometry fees are as follows:  For all clients, Indian beneficiaries and non-Indian clients, one-half of the estimated fees are required if the client does not have insurance coverage (this deposit is required before eyewear can be ordered).  The balance of the estimated fees is due at the time the eyewear is fitted.

In addition, non-Indian clients must pay: $75.00 eye exam charge; $25.00 service charge for ordering and the cost of the frames with lenses.


Other Fees

As the services of the facility changes, fees may be assigned for certain types of care that is rendered.  As a client you will be informed of these changes before services are rendered upon request.

In addition, clients participating in clinic sponsored activities may be charged participation fees.  The staff or section sponsoring the event will have information available.