Clients Rights and Responsibilities

We Make These Committments to You

Access to Service
The provision of UIHS health services will be made in a timely manner. When UIHS does not offer a service you need, we will provide you with the name(s) and telephone number(s) of a provider(s) who offer(s) thte service needed.

Confidentiality and Privacy
UIHS services will be provided in a totally private and confidential manner.   Information in your health or related records will be made available to you upon your request. Information contained in your records will only be released to outside organizations or individuals after UIHS receives your written permission, a court order, or statute that requires the release of information.

Client Treatment Decisions and Education
Treatment plans will be jointly developed by you or a legally authorized representative and your provider. Development of a future plan will include consideration of treatment alternatives known to your provider.  

Your provider will not commence treatment without your informed consent or the consent of a legally authorized representative. You always have the right to refuse treatment or seek a second opinion. We shall inform you of any research or educational information regarding your health condition(s), medication(s), and treatment(s).

Educational information will be presented to you in understandable language.

Staff Identification
Providers and others will make their names known to you through personal introductions and name tags.

Staff Sensitivity
We will conduct ourselves courteously at all times.  We will respect your cultural and spiritual values and we will be guided by your ethical concerns and decisions.