Elder Nutrition/Title VI Program

Title VI Elder Nutrition Programs: There are two Title VI Elder Nutrition Programs offered by United Indian Health Services, Inc.

  • Coast Indian Community of the Resighini Rancheria, Klamath CA and surrounding areas.
  • Smith River Rancheria, Smith River CA and Highway 101 corridor south to Crescent City and Elk Valley. 

Eligibility:  An Eligible Elder is defined as 55-years of age or more and a registered client of United Indian Health Services.

Participant Form:  Elders are requested to provide contact and necessary medications on the participant form as a "need to know" for staff. 

Nutritious Meals:  Nutritious meals are provided to the American Indian Elders who are clients of United Indian Health Services.

Five meals per week are provided to elders, with the exception of holidays and closure days.  All menus are approved by a Registered Dietitian.  "Healthy Plate" meals follow the diabetic standard.  Elders enjoy their foods that meet this standard.  If an elder requires a limited dient we comply, if at all possible, with thier needs.  The meals meet one-third of the Required Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins and proteins for this age group.

Home Delivered Meals are for physically or mentally incapacitated elders who provide a note from their physician, and live in Crescent City or Smith River area.  The Klamath area receives Home Delivered Meals only.

Congregate Meals for eligible Elders are available at 101 Indian Court, Smith River.

Meal Donations:  Elder meal donations are pro-rated by utilizing the Federal Proverty Level income guideline.  People who are not American Indian elders are eligible for a "guest" meal at a $7 cost.   Donations are also recieved from various agencies, organizations, and businesses.