Gathering of Native Americans (G.O.N.A.)

2013 Gathering of Native Americans (GONA)


 GONA is a four-day journey focused on increasing the strengths of Native youth and community, healing the past and building the future.  Over the last 18 years, thousands of GONA's have been held all over North America.  Hundreds of thousands of folks have experienced the GONA with their families, tribes, and communities.  This particular GONA is focused on youth, their families, and community members.


Through the four components of Belonging, Mastery, Interdependence and Generosity we start to examine how to be an active participant in our own life and in creating a healthy community.




Belonging - "Building and strengthening the sense of team, family, and community."  A place for all ages, a place for all kinds of people.  The first day represents infancy and childhood, a time when we need to know how we belong.
Mastery- "Gaining mastery and healing from what holds us back."  Empowerment, for the individual and community.  The second day honors adolescence as a time of vision and mastery.
Interdependence- "Working together interdependently for positive change."  A day of action and community leadership.  The third day is symbolized by adults, integral and interdependent within their families and communities.
Generosity- "Giving back to self and community."  The final day honors our elders, who give their knowledge and teachings to our generations of the future.