Direct Care Services

How to Register for Services

Visit or call Patient Registration for specific documentation requirements and to register for services.

  • In Humboldt County call POTAWOT HEALTH VILLAGE (707) 825-5000.
  • In Del Norte County call TAA-'AT-DVD MEDICAL CLINIC at (707) 464-2750.

Direct Health Care Services are made available to persons of "Indian descent."  For UIHS purposes, persons who meet these requirements are considered to be Eligible Indian Beneficiaries (EIB's), and are eligible for the Direct Health Care Services which are provided by UIHS.  In addition, if the EIB resides within the UIHS Service Area, the spouse and the children of the EIB may also be eligible for specific UIHS Direct Health Care Services approved by the Board of Directors.

Children - 0 to 18 years of age:  If you have a child that is not your biological child, we require legal or court documentation for any adoption, custody, guardianship, and/or foster care client to register for services.  These documents must be current.  Non-Indian parents seeking services for Indian children are required to provide the same documentation.