Diabetes Prevention Programs

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Diabetes prevention takes many forms; the easiest being moderate exercise and a healthy diet. The UIHS Diabetes Programs fund partially or wholly the following prevention measures:

Potawot Community Food Garden

Grocery store tours

Cooking Demonstrations

Children’s activity fee support program is in place for any UIHS American Indian clients between the ages of 4-18. Funds, as available, can be  used to assist in paying for a weight loss or physical activity program. Applications are available from Community Services. 

Family Fun Nights

Summer Camps

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).  People who have been cliniccally diagnosed with pre-diabetes can participate in this 16-week session of classes.  People learn how to make small changes to their diet and physical activity that help in the prevention of diabetes.

Potawot Walking Trails

Exercise classes and tai chi

Fitness rooms at Potawot, Weitchpec Tribal Office and the Klamath UIHS clinic.  UIHS clients can use these facilities after recieving an orientation from Diabetes or Health Promotion Staff.

Traditional Healers are invited intermittently to the Potawot, Elk Valley and Smith River clinic sites.  Any UIHS clients may reserve a time to see the Healers when they are here.


Be sure to check out the activity calendar on the UIHS website.