Diabetes Awareness Programs

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Diabetes Program UIHS

The Diabetes Awareness Program is in place to advocate for and assist clients with the treatment and prevention of diabetes. This is achieved by the Diabetes Team working in conjunction with other Community Services programs, Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health and Nutrition services. We advocate for our clients and work to improve the quality of care our clients with diabetes receive. Call 707-825-5070 to contact the Diabetes Awareness Program.

The Diabetes Team is made up of the following specialists to assist our clients:

Humboldt-DM-July 2017

Del Norte-DM-July 2017

Nurse Educators assist with pre-diabetes counseling and diabetes education. The Nurse Educators also help with medication usage, diet, high blood pressure, cholesterol and more. In Humboldt County call 707-825-5070 and in Del Norte County call 707-464-2919 to speak with a Nurse Educator in your area.

The Registered Dietician assists clients with healthy eating strategies for their specific health concerns. The Registered Dietician can be contacted at 707- 825-4094.

The Fitness Coordinator leads exercise classes and walking groups. This person also works with clients one –on –one to help tailor an exercise program to their specific needs. Call 707-825-5070 to speak with the Fitness Coordinator.

Diabetes Outreach Workers do community education, blood sugar and blood pressure checks, foot and nail care for clients with diabetes, client advocacy and assistance. To contact your local Diabetes Outreach Worker in Humboldt County call 707-825-5070.

The Diabetes Prevention Program holds classes for people clinically diagnosed with pre-diabetes as well as doing community education and blood sugar checks at events throughout the community. To contact the Diabetes Prevention Program call 707-825-5070.