Community Nutrition

United Indian Health Services believes that the health
of the community is only as strong as the mind,
body, and spirit of each individual within it. 

In 1999, the Community Nutrition Program (CNP) and Potawot Community Food Garden were established within the Community Health and Wellness Division.  The CNP consists of the Potawot Food Garden and CalFresh Supplemental Assistance Program outreach and application assistance.  The Potawot Community Food Garden is a certified Farmers Market and works with the UIHS Clients who are participants in the CalFresh Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by accepting Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), Women Infant and Children (WIC) Program Senior Nutrition Program, and our Diabetes Program.  The garden has donated thousands of pounds of produce annually to local food banks, tribal youth events, tribal community events, and cultural activities.  The CNP has 18 years of direct experience in weaving the local food web to combat food insecurity and promoting healthy nutrition for our UIHS tribal communities.

Community Nutrition Program

The UIHS Community Nutrition Program and its Potawot Community Food Garden provides a wide range of services to clients with priorities being by
1)  Increasing access of affordable, fresh,
     healthy produce through the
     Potawot Community Food Garden
2)  Nutrition Education, and
3)  Education aimed at increasing
     food-related self-sufficiency.

The UIHS Community Nutrition Program constantly works on creating environments that foster healing through connecting UIHS clients to the origins of their food.


The three-acre Potawot Community Food Garden provides the UIHS community with wide range of fresh, organically grown produce. 

The produce is distributed to the UIHS community through bi-weekly produce stand from June through October at the clinic, subscription to the Kay-woi Basket Membership program, and participation in CalFresh, Diabetes, Women, Infant and Child Program (WIC) and American Indian Infant Health Initiative programs.

The adjoining Potawot Herb Garden provides the UIHS community with both traditional American Indan and European culinary and medicinal herbs.  The Potawot Community Food Garden offers educational opportunities through a series of workshops on nutrition, organic agriculture, and hands-on internships during the summer months. 

Contact the UIHS Community Nutrition Program for more information about the food garden.

Jude Marshall
Community Nutrition Manager
(707) 825-4098



We would be nowhere without the countless volunteers who help us provide food for the United Indian Health Services community everyday.

If you would like information about volunteer opportunities at the Potawot Community Food Garden, please contact Ed Mata or Christine Griffin at (707) 826-8476

Volunteer Hours:
Monday - Friday
9 am to 3 pm

1st Saturday of each month
10 am to 1 pm

The work that the Community Nutrition Staff do with children is what we are most proud of.  Culturally relevant Nutrition and Physical Activity lessons are conducted monthly at a number of sites throughout the UIHS service area including Northern California Indian Development Council after-school program, Margaret Keating, Jack Norton and Weitchpec Schools and Klamath, Elk Valley, Howonquet, and Kepel Headstarts.  Participation in UIHS Traditional Resources Youth Programs ensures that we reach an even greater number of kids of all ages.


Community Nutrition reaches the rest of the Native American population of Humboldt and Del Norte County by it's partipation in various community events such as the Salmon Festival, UIHS' HAWC Walk, and the Spring Flings held in both Klamath and Weitchpec.  A series of Nutrition classes for UIHS clients are held once a year at Potawot Health Village.





The three-acre on-site Potawot Community Food Garden serves as an amazing resource and education tool for Community Nutrition.  At the bi-weekly Produce Stands, cooking demonstrations are conducted featuring a fruit or vegetable grown in the Garden and available that day.  Samples, recipes and nutrition information are distributed as well.