Safety & Security for all:
Client Services may be suspended and/or terminated based on client behavior and the safety of all other clients and staff.  Individuals are prohibited from possessing guns, knives or other weapons.
All disruptive clients may be removed from the facility by staff and/or law enforcement.  Any threatening physical gestures, carrying, displaying, using of a weapon, spitting, curing, or throwing objects are considered examples of behavior that will not be tolerated at UIHS Clinics.
Threatening Language or Profanity:
Any threatening language or profanity in the clinic or on the telephone will not be tolerated at any UIHS clinic or site.
Abduction/Lost/Missing Clients:
Any person who has been made aware of abduction, lost or missing client in the clinic should immediately notify the nearest UIHS staff member.
Incarcerated Clients:
For all eligible UIHS Clients what are currently incarcerated in local jails, all health care services are the responsibility for the respective county jails. UIHS is not designed as a treatment center for prisoners or inmates.
Observation of a Crime:
Clients observing a crime will immediately notify the nearest UIHS staff member or proper authority.
Suspected Victims of Abuse and/or Neglect Reporting:
UIHS staff is mandated reporters of known or suspected abuse of children, elders, and developmentally disabled persons.  In some cases they are also required to report domestic violence.  UIHS staff will follow their mandates in reporting abuse or neglect in the required categories.
Alcohol and Drug Free Premises:
It is the policy of UIHS to provide its clients and employees with a safe and healthy health care environment by maintaining a place free from the illegal use of drugs or alcohol.  In order to do so, UIHS prohibits the use, sale, dispensing or possession of illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages on all premises and will report all violations to the proper authorites.
Clients have designated areas for smoking.  UIHS is a Smoke Free building and smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.  Clients are responsible for disposing of tobacco products properly.
Emergency Exit Plans:
Clients are to evacuate the building in case of fire and other disasters as directed.  All exit routes are posted on the wall marked by Emergency Exit Plan Maps.
Pets in the Health Clinic:
Pets that meet the Disabilities Act which are licensed and tagged by the appropriate agency will be allowed in the facility.  The client shall ensure the dog is on a leash, tagged as an alert, service or guide dog.  All other animals are not allowed on UIHS premises and walking trails.  Animals left unattended in private vehicles shall be reported to the local authorities.