Core Philosophies

Ko'lha koom' ma (Yurok - working together)
We honor the dignity of every person. We value working together with the individual, the family and the community. By sharing our strengths and resources we bring wellness to ourselves, our community and our world.
May gay tolh kway (Yurok - a healing place)
We strive to provide the best healthcare services in an environment that is welcoming, healing and nurturing for all. We hire qualified staff and commit ourselves to recruiting American Indians at all levels. We value every staff member and support the development of each employee's potential while optimizing their skills and contributions.
Ghes na' dvn (Tolowa - well place)
We value caring for the whole person. We focus our resources on the promotion of health and prevention of illness. We recognize that social environmental, cultural, spiritual and economic wellness is vital for the overall health of our community and organization; we support and promote actions that bring these elements into balance.