Covered California

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  • Members of a Federally Recognized Tribe can enroll anytime without being subject to a tax penalty.
  • Medi-Cal eligible individuals can enroll anytime
  • Those American Indian/Alaskan Native individuals NOT ENROLLED in a Federally Recognized Tribe are considered "non-Indian" for the purpose of enrollment periods, but can still file the "Hardship Exemptions Form" to avoid tax penalties IF they are eligible for health services through Indian Health Service, a tribe and tribal organizations, or urban Indian organization.


*** Important Dates ***

March 21, 2014        The initial enrollment period will end. This is the last day to avoid a tax penalty for 2014

October 15, 2014  This is the first day of 2015 Open Enrollment

December 7, 2014 The 2015 Enrollment period will end.  This is the last day to avoid a tax penalty for 2015.


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